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What Spots? (Clarifying Skin Lightener)

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Recommended for: Hyper-pigmented, Imbalanced, Blemish-Prone, Uneven Skin
• Refines Pores and Uneven Texture: Visibly brighter look + softer feel
• Fades UV-Induced Pigmentation: Sun Spots, Ashy, Dull, and Gray Complexions
• Evens Discoloration from Sun Damage and Breakouts, for clearer + even-toned skin
1.35 fl.oz. (40ml)

This fast-absorbing, highly concentrated serum starts working immediately to smooth away discolored surface cells, unclog oxidized sebum, decrease breakout-causing microbes and rapidly fade the appearance of UV-induced pigmentation and age spots. Your skin will have a more transparent, brighter appearance.

This serum employs the highest purity Azelaic Acid to refine the skin, clear surface congestions, and fade away stubborn dark spots. Lilac Stem Cells has superb brightening abilities minimizing dark spots caused by inflammatory blemishes. Red Algae work rapidly on UV-induced spots and age spots, while stabilized Vitamin C controls free radicals, inhibiting sebum oxidation and improving clarity and elasticity. Does not contain mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrance, colorants, or silicone.

• Refines pores and uneven texture for a visibly brighter look and softer feel

• Evens out discoloration for a clearer, healthy, glowing complexion

• Fades UV-induced pigmentation, sun spots, ashy, dull, gray complexions

• Normalizes sebum production, minimizing blemishes and acne-related pigmentation

• Brightens discolorations from sun damage and breakouts, revealing clearer, more even-toned skin

• Encourages cell turnover for long-lasting softness and clarity

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